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Thanks to my great partners at The Concept Farm for making my wonderful relationship with the Emmy Awards of New York City possible. In 2004 the Farmers created a concept and format for an innovative weekly magazine show called Cool In Your Code. The show celebrates the neighborhoods and people of NYC. We worked with Mayor Bloomberg's Office to produce and air the show on NYCTV.  
We invested agency funds and resources and delivered the same level of quality as the networks on a fraction of the budget. In its six season run, the show was nominated for 17 Emmy Awards, won five and I won three Emmys for on camera work as a host. A pleasant surprise. 

NYCTV Cool in Your Code Ad
Hank Wasiak Interviewing Moby
Back on the Block Logo
Hank Wasiak & Masta Killa
Masta KIlla

Back On The Block: An Emmy Award winning celebrity interview series that takes celebrities back to the neighborhoods in which they grew up. The results are very personal and emotional story telling that could only happen "on the street". Back On The Block has been nominated for eight NY Emmy Awards and won two. I've been privileged to take this very special trip with an "A" list line up of some fabulous New Yorkers: Eli Wallach. Jerry Stiller. Didi Conn. Sonia Manzano. Moby. Mayor David Dinkins. Fyvush Finkel.  Masta Killa. Joe Franklin, The Cast of West Side Story. Joey Gay. The Honorable Marty Markowitz. Martin Charnin. Harry Loryane. They are on my You Tube Back On The Block playlist. Here are my Jerry Stiller & Eli Wallach interviews. 
























Code REaD This interview series celebrates the literary side of New York City. NYC has been home to authors from all walks of life and the City itself has been the setting and backdrop for countless literary works and novels. Code Read greets these authors in the settings and environments that shaped their work. Meet some very talented writers on my You Tube "Code Read" playlist. Here are my interviews with S.J. Rozan & Angie Cruz.

Hank Wasiak & Joyce Gold
Hank Wasiak & Otto Penzer
Otto Penzer
Joyce Gold

Cool In Your Code Publicity Photos

The team at NYCTV created a library of a great Cool In Your Code photo shot on location in Brooklyn, NY. (my home town. Here's a link to the full photo album on Flickr 

Hank Wasiak Cool in Your Code NYCTV
Hank Wasiak Cool in Your Code NYCTV
Hank Wasiak Cool in Your Code NYCTV
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