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The Emmy Awards   

Here's A Video Tour Of My Time At The NYC Emmy Awards










2005/2006: Best Host-Back On The Block: Cool In Your Code took home an Emmy for best graphics and I was blessed with an Entertainment Program Emmy for my on camera performance. Some of my interviews were Jerry Stiller, Moby, Masta Killa, Sonia Manzano and Didi Conn. Here's a video of my accepting the award. What a thrill!








2006/2007: Best Host-Code Read: We created Code Read to celebrate New York City's literary heritage. It won the Emmy for best Arts & Culture segment. Some of the authors I had the privilege of interviewing are Angie Cruz, SJ Rozan and Mark Kurlansky.  











2007/2008: Best Host Back On The Block: I had the honor of interviewing a legend - Eli Wallach. I came very well prepared expecting a short interview given his age. We clicked, he stayed at Sardi's four hours and mesmerized us all. I am forever touched by that experience and am indebted to Eli Wallach for making this Emmy possible. I also wrote a BlogCritics article that chronicles more of the interview.  












2007/2008: Featured Presenter: This was a particularly exciting year for me at the Emmy Awards. I was invited to be one of the featured presenters and have the honor of presenting Emmy Awards to very talented winners. And, I'm happy to report that I didn't miss a name or flub any of my lines. Whew!















Emmy Photo Gallery

Hank Wasiak  & Angie Cruz
Hank Wasiak & S.J. Rozan
Hank Wasiak & Mark Kurlansky
Hank Wasiak's Emmy Awards
Hank Wasiak & Shirley Rumerik at Emmy Awards
Hank Wasiak Emmy Awards Presenter
Hank Wasiak & Amaroso at Emmy Awards
Hank Wasiak Emmy Award Red Carpet
Hank Wasiak Emmy Award Acceptance Speech
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