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My Speaking Engagements

I've had the privilege of being a featured speaker at a number of Jeff Pulver's 140character Conferences in Los Angeles and New York. Excellent events with great energy and a positive vibe. The rules of engagement simple.10 minutes. No spam. No wordy PowerPoints. Here’s a link to one of my presentations. The Humanization Of Brands.

The Humanization Of Brands

 The Pivot Digital Conferences attract an amazing array of speakers and attendees. I was fortunate to be a featured speaker at two of them with executives from Estee Lauder & Coke and Michael Dubin, CEO of Dollar Shave Club. Here are links to the videos: Dollar Shave Club: Social Done Right. & From Impressions To Expressions.

Michael Dubin - Dollar Shave Club
Estee Lauder & Coke

MoreArticles & Interviews

From The Boardroom To The Barnyard: A short story about a long career and valuable life lessons worth sharing. 

Teens:Our Next Greatest Generation:  40 is the new 30, 50 is the new 40 - Teen-Age is the New Change-Age. 

Eli Wallach: Celebrating A Legend: A Fitting Tribute To A Life Richly Lived

Shift From Beat-Up to Build-Up: Asset-Based Thinking for improving relationships.


It's Time To Hear From The Real Mad Men: Sometimes Fact Is Stranger Than Fiction. Real Mad Men. Real Stories

Unleashing The Soft Impact Of  Knowledge Sharing: The Gift Of Positive Disruption

Over the years I've worked with some great people at as a Marketing Careers Advice expert. I enjoyed the dialogue and interaction with a wide range of people. Here are a few podcasts and articles that Monster published.


How To Succeed In Creative Services - Podcast - Elizabeth Wilcox

Career Advice For Older Workers: Dan Woog


Top Ten Books For Creatives: Elizabeth Wilcox

I was asked by the editors of the Ripon Forum, the magazine of the Republican Party, to write an article in their July 2006 issue about the state of the American Brand around the world. My article was well received and syndicated by the Associated Press. It landed me a few radio interviews on both liberal and conservative talk radio stations. Best of all, I came away with a renewed respect for the principles and values that make America the best country on the planet. Even more relevant today. 

Madison Avenue's Take On Brand America - Hank Wasiak

Gail Goodwin Interviews Inspired Luminaries - Podcast: Hank Wasiak


Focus On What's In The Glass - Hank Wasiak

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