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I thought it would be helpful to provide an overview and collection of my work that people might find interesting and helpful. My experiences in the marketing communications business, as an author, TV host, teacher and volunteer have brought me to a wonderful place in life. Definitely an eclectic mix. You can read a narrative about my journey and business experiences brought me to where I am now. From The Boardroom To The Barnyard “A Short Story About A Long Career And Five Valuable Life Lessons Worth Sharing”. There's an "official" bio further down the page if you're interested. Equipped with the tools and techniques of Asset-Based Thinking, I am looking forward to putting the wisdom of these years to work on thinking BIG and helping make BIG things happen that can make a difference.

The Best is Next. Stay Tuned.

Some Of My Writings

Hank Wasiak Cool In Your Code Shoot
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Real Mad Men. Real Stories. An inside commentary on Mad Men sprinkled with a real time view of today’s Ad Biz. What was that life really like? How realistic, or perhaps not realistic enough, is the life of the Ad men portrayed on the show?  Thought provoking, educational, entertaining, and most of all, true. Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.  

Celebrating Asset-Based Thinking® and to how to apply this simply profound way of thinking to your own life everyday. Read them on  my blog on thewisdomguy.com

I am very fortunate to have been a featured guest writer for Mashable. Great people. Great content. Mashable is the top source for news in social and digital media, technology and web culture. Here's a link to my article, How Social Media has Radically Changed Advertising. A leading edge prediction

Some Of My Work

My Blog

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"Wisdom and advice based on decades of experience and accumulated expertise shared through the eyes of an asset-based thinker.”


Here’s what thewisdomguy.com is about. Using the power and potential of Asset-Based Thinking to challenge conventional wisdom to live better, more fulfilling personal and professional lives. Lots of great practical advice across a number topics and exploring ways to inspire our greatest assets...youth.