Jul 302013

BlogcriticsI’ve written a few articles for Blogcritics.org and created two regular features:  Mad Men Confidential and  Asset-Based Thinking In Action. Blogcritics.org, an online magazine with over 100,000 daily visitors, is an official Google News and Yahoo News syndication source that has won numerous industry awards. Blogcritics.org serves as a full service news and reviews source, covering all aspects of contemporary culture and society. I am proud to be part of their “Sinister Cabal of Superior Writers”.

Mad Men Confidential


Real Mad Men. Real Stories. An inside commentary on Mad Men sprinkled with a real time view of today’s Ad Biz. Discussions with the colorful and sometimes controversial real Mad Men who lived it then and the new breed Mad Men (and women) living it today. What was that life really like? How realistic, or perhaps not realistic enough, is the life of the Ad men portrayed on the show?  Thought provoking, educational, entertaining, and most of all, true. Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.

Asset-Based Thinking In Action.


Celebrating how remarkable people from all walks of life use Asset-Based Thinking® to have an impact and make a difference. ABT lessons learned, and how to apply them to your own life, everyday.

I am very fortunate to be a featured guest writer for Mashable. Great people. Great content. Mashable is the top source for news in social and digital media, technology and web culture. With more than 25 million monthly pageviews, Mashable reports breaking web news, trend analysis, web site reviews and services, and offers social media resources and guides. Some links below.

Jul 102013

Dumbo“Wisdom and advice based on decades of experience and accumulated expertise shared through the eyes of an asset-based thinker”

I’ve had an interesting and eclectic mix of experiences in both my business and personal life and I am fortunate to have traveled the world extensively during my business career. I’ve been around…an ad guy,corporate executive, author,TV host, teacher and volunteer….all of which have brought me to a wonderful place in life.

Here’s what thewisdomguy.com blog is about:

Championing the power and potential of positive marketing communications and new media to build businesses, brands, beliefs and a better world.


It will touch on some important topics – asset-based thinking, values based business, marketing,leadership,volunteering and inspiring youth – and other interesting things that arise. Hopefully you will find my posts interesting, entertaining,motivational and “shareable”.

Please give it a look.

May 262013


This book will help you unleash your true power and purpose. When you change the way you see yourself you can change anything. Take a video tour of what’s inside.

Inside "Change The Way Your See Yourself" ABT-HandK-getty-150x150